One Handy Woman

........................No Job Too Small

  One Handy Woman is a service-oriented business for busy people, seniors, women or the disabled who are looking for assistance completing personal tasks.

It's like having a trusted personal assistant, a great hotel concierge or a really good friend.

Someone you can depend on to help you.

A person who will get your "to-do" list completed.

A person who can run errands, weed your garden, fix minor repairs and help with the maintenance around the house -- be that extra pair of hands.

Someone willing to do things just the way you like it done.

No job is too small. Rates start at $35 per hour. Payment is due the day of service. In person, cash or cheque is accepted. 

 I can also e-file your taxes. $45 for a personal tax return and $110 for either a business or rental tax return.


Angelique Mesei



Proudly serving Orillia and surrounding area


Are You Looking For:

A clever, mechanically able do-it-yourself woman with a truck and plenty of tools to help you get your "To Do List" done?

Someone you can trust to get things done right and on schedule?

A personal assistant you don't have to nag?

Services Include:

  • File your tax return

  • All gardening jobs such as raking, pruning, planting or weeding or creating a new flowerbed